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Sexual Offences

On your side in a difficult situation

Being charged with a sexual offence is one of the worst things that can happen to a person.  If you find yourself in this situation, you need an experienced legal firm that knows exactly what to do.  You also need one that is totally on your side – often when no-one else is…

At MTM, we will systematically challenge all the evidence against you - at all stages.  Has the person making the allegations made false allegations before? Have they told a partner, a social worker, a friend or a teacher?  What evidence is there, if any, to support their allegations?  How credible and reliable are they as witnesses?

We will investigate everything in painstaking detail, examining medical and educational records and any statements they may or may not have made in the past.  You will find that we take a forensically thorough approach to defending you.

Many sexual offences charges relate to the use of the internet.  At MTM we have access to the very best electronic technology experts and we deal with some of the most complex legislation around this category of offence.  It all adds up to a total defence.  We can protect you from all sexual offences charges: we deal with them all the time and have expert knowledge of the latest electronic technology and the issues around identity theft, as well as the inadvertent access of online materials.

All too often in sexual offences cases, allegations are made and then believed – by one agency after another. At MTM, we use our expert knowledge of this category to will challenge all evidence – all the time.

Taking early action is the best way to approach a case and get the best possible outcome. Whatever your position – whether you have been charged or are about to charged with an offence - call us on 0800 328 0944 for an initial free and confidential consultation.


Sexual Offences Successes

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